Square 1 Art Fund Raiser

4 10 2010

September 13-October 1

A big surprise will be coming home in your child’s folder very soon.  Our elementary students have worked very hard over the past three weeks on a special assignment. Each child on the elementary hall (including our 5th graders) created a beautiful bordered self-portrait for an exciting new fund-raiser at our school.  Just for participating, your child will earn a free sheet of 20 stickers with his or her artwork on them.  You will also receive a personalized catalog with numerous items that you can order with your child’s artwork.  These items make wonderful christmas presents for relatives.  CLICK  HERE  for more information about Square 1 Art.


Artist of the Week – Emilie Etchart

4 10 2010

October 4-8

Emilie Etchart - 1st grade

Emilie is a first grader in Mrs. Barnett’s class.  She created a very colorful framed self-portrait that really displays a beautiful realistic likeness.  Her artwork is always neatly done and Emilie alway does a great job of following directions.  Thank you Emilie for being a wonderful example to your clasmates!

Artist of the Week – Trey Donaldson

4 10 2010

September 27-Oct 1

Trey Donaldson - 4th grade

Trey Donalson did an awesome job with his self-portrait for the Square1 art fund raiser. His shpaes frame border is very colorful and masterfully designed.  Trey is a fourth grader in Mrs. Cain’s class.

Artist of the Week – Zurie Cadet

20 09 2010

September 7-10

Zurie Cadet - PK4

Zurie did an awesome job drawing her family on shiny foil paper.  She made sure to follow directions. I like the way she added a rainbow and a smile on every face. Great job Zurie!

Artist of the Week – Jack Francis

20 09 2010

September 20-24

Jack Francis - 1st grade

Jack did a great job of using interesting designs and patterns on his hands. Jack is a first grader in Mrs. Reagan’s class.  Jack is very helpful to his classmates in art class and always makes sure he is following directions. Great job Jack!

Artist of the Week – Elizabeth Boutelle

27 08 2010

August 30-September 3

Elizabeth Boutelle - Kindergarten

Elizabeth Boutelle created a beautiful original pattern handprint design that was symmetrical on bothe hands.  Elizabeth is a kindergarten student in Mrs. Woodmansee’s class. Great job!!!

Weeks 4 -Degas Horses / 2nd-4th

20 08 2010

August 23-August 27

Edgar Degas was a master impressionistic artist that had a passion for horses.  Students will explore the artwork of Degas depicting images of horses and brush up on their drawing skills by drawing horses in a realistic manner. We will create a background for our horses using colored tissue paper and acrylic medium. The last step of the project will be to add our beautifully drawn horses and discuss how magnificent God created them. Our classes will be inspired by examining 3-D figurines of horses as well as watching short video clips of horses in action in front of various landscape backgrounds.  We will learn about landscapes, the center of interest in a work of art, as well as the term background.