Artist of the Week – Trey Donaldson

4 10 2010

September 27-Oct 1

Trey Donaldson - 4th grade

Trey Donalson did an awesome job with his self-portrait for the Square1 art fund raiser. His shpaes frame border is very colorful and masterfully designed.  Trey is a fourth grader in Mrs. Cain’s class.


Artist of the Week – Laney Box

20 08 2010

August 23-27

Laney Box - 3rd grade

Laney Box portrayed her design pricisely using quad symmetry. She did a wonderful job selecting a color scheme that is bright a cheerful. Laney is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Smith’s class.  Congratulations Laney!

Artist of the Week – Ellea Collins

16 08 2010

August 16-20

Ellea Collins created a colorful self-portrait. She is a Pre-K student in Mrs. Tucker’s class.  Great job Ellea!

Artist of the Week – Tanna Irvin

11 08 2010

August 9-13, 2010

Tanna Irvin created a wonderful portrait of herself using pencil and crayon. Her eyes are beautiful in this drawing.  She is a fourth grader in Mrs. Cain’s class.

 Great job Tanna!

Week 33 – Artist of the Week – Jaclyn Forgette

26 04 2010

April 26-30,2010

Jaclyn Forgette - 4th

Jaclyn created a one-of-a-kind butterfly with flair.  She carefull drew and painted a colorful and creative design that looks wonderful.  She is a 4th grader in Mrs. Yancey’s class.

Week 32 – Artist of the Week / Avery Foster

26 04 2010

April 19-23, 2010

Avery Foster - 2nd

Avery created a wonderful butterfly painting.  She is a 2nd grader in Mrs. Banks’ class.  Great job Avery!

Week 31 – Artist of the Week – Brooks Jones

12 04 2010

April 12-16

Brooks Jones - 1st grade

Brooks Jones created a wonderfully colorful flower painting.  I lkie how Brooks wrote on the bottom of his painting that “God made the flowers”.  Our talented artist is a first grader in Mrs. Hopkins’ class.