Artist of the Week – Laney Box

20 08 2010

August 23-27

Laney Box - 3rd grade

Laney Box portrayed her design pricisely using quad symmetry. She did a wonderful job selecting a color scheme that is bright a cheerful. Laney is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Smith’s class.  Congratulations Laney!


Artist of the Week – Ellea Collins

16 08 2010

August 16-20

Ellea Collins created a colorful self-portrait. She is a Pre-K student in Mrs. Tucker’s class.  Great job Ellea!

Weeks 2 & 3- Quad Symmetry- 2nd-4th

11 08 2010

August 9-20, 2010

Students will discuss the ways that God makes many things in nature symmetrical. Students will practice multiplication of four by creating a design that had Quad symmetry. Students discover the  term “Quad” means four. Using carbon paper as a drawing tool, students will fold their paper twice with carbon paper and create a design that is multiplied four times. We will explore in class a number of works by master artists that also use symmetry in their artwork.

Week 2 & 3 -Line Design Hands – PK3-1st

11 08 2010

August 9-20, 2010

Students will learn about line designs in other cultures by looking at images of Henna hand tattoos from the country of India.  Do worry moms . . . these are temporary.  Many cultures have the tradition of using Henna to temporarily stain the skin in lovely designs for special celebrations such as weddings. The children have loved looking at the elaborate designs from India as they learn about pattern and line design.

  We will be tracing arms and hands to create designs on the paper. During week two of this project we will focus on cutting out the designs and gluing them on a patterned piece of scrapbook paper and decorate with glitter glue. We will also preserve a writing sample of each child’s name.  This will be just the right size for mom’s scrapbook at home to remember how small each child’s hands were in elementary school.

Artist of the Week – Tanna Irvin

11 08 2010

August 9-13, 2010

Tanna Irvin created a wonderful portrait of herself using pencil and crayon. Her eyes are beautiful in this drawing.  She is a fourth grader in Mrs. Cain’s class.

 Great job Tanna!

Week 1 -Self Portraits PK3-4th

11 08 2010

August 2-5, 2010

God is so good!  Not only is He creative, but He made us ALL in his image. Wow!!! It is amazing to see how creative that God is by making millions of people that live on the Earth all different. Since God is creative, we can also be creative with our artwork.

 The first week of school, all students will be asked to create a self portrait drawing using pencils and crayons.  Students will be able to look in the table-top mirrors to at their reflection as they are working.  I have been so impressed at the amount of growth I have seen in the students that I have taught for the past three years.

These portraits have all been scanned and emailed to all elementary parents. I plan on comparing these drawings to those done at the end of the year to measure improvement.  I am looking forward to another creative year in art class!

Week 33 – Artist of the Week – Jaclyn Forgette

26 04 2010

April 26-30,2010

Jaclyn Forgette - 4th

Jaclyn created a one-of-a-kind butterfly with flair.  She carefull drew and painted a colorful and creative design that looks wonderful.  She is a 4th grader in Mrs. Yancey’s class.